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Focus Groups

CIO Focus Groups are live, interactive panels of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) who volunteer time as an educational and fundraising activity of the CISE Education Fund, an IRS 501(c)(3) charity. The CISE Education Fund has a commitment to improving and developing the capabilities of the next generation of technology professionals in the Bay Area, providing mentoring to such professionals, and raising funds for student scholarships.

Here's How Focus Groups Work

The participating company makes a contribution to the CISE Education Fund and presents its technology offering to a group of effective (and opinionated) CIOs. The Forums are individual sessions of 3 CIOs. The CIO team volunteers its time and receives no portion of the contributions to the CISE Education Fund.

Technology and other professionals from donating companies have used these sessions as try-outs for radical new technology approaches, dry runs for media rollouts, and tests for the appeal of product modifications. The CIO team is committed to providing direct, constructive feedback and suggestions as requested: from the basic concept of the technology, strategic discussions about timing and pricing, to the method of presentation and effectiveness. The CIO team enters into non-disclosure agreements before the session begins.

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100% of funds donated to CISE Education Fund.

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