The Consortium of Information Systems Executives (CISE) was formed in 2004 as a peer group for the Bay Area's Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to collaborate and share industry best practices for technology. CISE created the CIO Development Program in 2007 to develop the next generation of CIOs, and members include VP and director level staff. CISE established the CISE Education Fund as an IRS 501(c)(3) charity to further improve and develop the capabilities of the next generation of technology professionals in the Bay Area, provide mentoring to such professionals, and assist students with financial need in pursuing Information Technology, Computer Science and Engineering degrees. CISE members donate their time to the charity in multiple educational and fundraising activities, and we have helped raise over $1M to assist students with financial need. 100% of the funds raised by CISE Education Fund are used to provide grants to Bay Area educational institutions to fund student scholarships.

Working with us helps IT and engineering students!

We offer CIO Focus Groups, speak at local events, and hold an annual CIO Marathon to raise funds for students. For more information, contact us at

We also welcome any donations you would like to make to our cause.